SpeakSee, a Portable Device that Uses Microphones to Transcribe Audio for Users with Hearing Impairments

June 2018 – In a news report on New Atlas, SpeakSee, a device that can provide transcripts of conversations using speech-to-text software was announced. Developed by Dutch entrepreneurs Jari Hazelebach and Marcel van der Ven, the SpeakSee consists of a small white device which can clip onto an article of someone’s clothing which using three to nine included microphones, can transcribe speech to the user’s smartphone. The microphone(s) use additional sensors in the device to isolate speech from background noise and can differentiate amongst speakers. The audio data is first transmitted via Wi-Fi to the device’s docking station which processes the speech into text and then relays the transcription to the user’s smartphone. The Speaksee app further color codes speakers to indicate different speakers and the transcripts can be saved and searched using keyword queries. Further, the device supports over 120 languages and has a battery life of two to four hours when not in the docking station. The device is currently available to fund on Indiegogo.

[Source: Ben Coxworth, New Atlas]

Date of Publication: 
Wednesday, June 27, 2018


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